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Quantum Eraser

by Secret Cutter

Introduction 02:23
Like the light of a dead star. Trapped in time without a line. A dark so bright, you can see it in the corner of the eye. Pixelated light forms a monkey mind. In a shadow cast in finite time. He builds hell with his own fear. There is a truth so profound. This shadow blindfolds my sight. I get so close and it slips through my frail... my frail brain. I am lost.
Vision of spots. Light forms in the dark. Clouds clog your mind. Arc flash burns your thoughts. Sensitive eyes partial to the sight. Underlying truth, trampled by light. Lightning crashing by your side. All those can see it, yet you're blind. Seasons are changing, yet you stand quiet. The frigid snow lies upon your feet. Blank stare at beauty that's not even there. In a dream unable to wake, projecting your perfected life. The life that's falling by wayside. Fly the rocket out of your mind. Blank stare at beauty that's not even there. Trampled by light.
Bended Knee 03:18
Obey the master. Force those strings tight. Live through the puppet. Control's not an option... minion at will. The body is lethargic. Diabolical attached mass. It dwells above your neck, creating your every move. Feel the wrath, feel the strings choke. Torment! Attempt escaping the grasp of this mighty beast wrenching down with his teeth. But your glory is collapsed... still dwells above your neck creating madness. While the strings still choke. Attempt one last escape from this bastard beast. For he is not out of body but from within. Your wavelength out of control. This is a reoccurring act. Fuck your mind.
4 1/2 02:42
On the highest pier. To fear the creation that dwells below thee. Circling my scent... sharks are coming! Reckless abandon to feed on the prophesy of my own well being. They reach my limbs... pulling down. Ripping myself respect at a snail's pace. Vulnerable from piercing teeth. Swallowed up by the jaws of life. Now lie vacant in the abyss. Tide transforming. Rise through the vortex. Now feared from the highest pier. Circling your scent. Reckless, reckless, reckless, reckless abandon. Sharks are coming!... chomping at the bit. I'm one of them. You're hunted.
Transient 02:34
Brain blur. Can't breathe. Suffocating. Mental collapse on the brink. Finding your way out of this mess. The crest has enhanced... climbing this peak. Mortal disease. Curse amongst. You're not alone on this climb of cleansing. You never wanted this grime on your hands. Conquer the quest. Bleeding will soon clot. Demons departure. Keep your soul from rotting. Transient.
Mantis 03:49
Lit the fuse. Life's decay. Times vital... atomic bear. Whirring past. The gods hover upon watch. Clock countdown... global tic - toc. Three minutes... almighty midnight.
Doormat 02:34
System failure. Gut malfunction. Blood of another thoughtlessly flows through your black pitiful heart. Hot coals from the soul of another burns your feet... coward. Tortured doormat. The windstorm of another ripping through your lungs like cancer. Shed this diseased body. See the disillusioned mask of another diminishing into the true face of reality. Life.
Avalanche 02:05
Runaway. Massive hideous monster in the dark . Crushing you with the force of a thousand suns... of a thousand suns. Destroying those who dare to touch... feel all his vengeance. The hand of glutton pulls you to his mouth. Lying in the darkness... feel his weight pummel you. Erasing you from sight... feel his hate. Massive hideous monster inside.
Oblivion 04:10
Incomplete gratification engulfing me. These limbs are snakes pissing out venom from the grandee. Drink the poison down and you'll be free. Drink the poison... take this passage. Hook, line and sink down. Oblivion. Hook, line and sink to pretentious lies. Run from my plateau ... "Ok". It is an illusion... "Ok". What he speaks is a myth. The hour glass is full. Wisely choose your path and terminate these snakes. Off with their heads! Our mission is complete. Till we meet...


released July 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Secret Cutter Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Secret Cutter is a 3 piece (guitar, drums., vocals) Sludge/Grind Band from Bethlehem, Pa.

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