Self Titled

by Secret Cutter

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SECRET CUTTER is one of those very special bands that needs to be heard by all! Their self-titled debut is fucking way beyond gnarly, and after one listen you will realize why we dig this band so much!

-Sean Reveron, CVLT NATION

Pennsylvania steel bearers Secret Cutter released this year’s sleeper jam with Self-Titled.

-Andy O'Connor, Pitchfork

Oh, fuck yes, Secret Cutter are so heavy! They’re taking what bands like Nails, Black Breath and The Body are doing and somehow making it ever more visceral, even more intense.


There’s a prevailing theory that the world as we know it is on the brink of collapse. The banking and financial systems are stealing our money, only to eventually crumble under the weight of their own obesity when there’s nothing left to steal from us. The environment is decaying faster than a banana peel left on asphalt in 100-degree temperatures. Military forces with various flags on the arms and insignias on their chest are burning, raping and pillaging as we speak. Our government sits idling, feeding us social issues that shouldn’t be issues at all in order to distract us from real issues. The average American shuts out what upsets or saddens them and instead drowns themselves in a sea of reality TV and junk food. Maybe that theory, once only held by the craziest of the tribe, has got some legs after all? Rest assured that when the world finally does come tumbling down, Pennsylvania’s Secret Cutter just gave you the soundtrack to watch it all from your porch, shotgun in hand.

One of the best things in the world is when a band comes out of thin air and karate chops you in the throat with a nasty barrage of sonic venom. Secret Cutter don’t do anything discreetly. Whether it’s the fist-pumping thrash-like assault of a track like “Shake the Malevolent” or the down-tuned sludge fest of “End of Sylvan”, this band wants to be in your face in some very sonically dangerous ways. There’s so much vitriol on their debut full-length album, Self Titled, that you might literally hate yourself and the world around you a little more with every listen. Take the anarcho-hardcore of bands like Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, Coalesce, and Converge and then meld it together using molten lava and brimstone with the sludge filled bile of bands like Eyehategod and Buzzov-en, and you’d have a close approximation of just how nasty this record is. The fact that they create such a cavalcade of sonic tyranny with only three members – guitar, drums, and vocals – is nothing short of a minor miracle. How does a band get this heavy and this nasty with only one guitar and no bass to speak of?!? It raises the question of which deity did they sell their ever-loving souls to in order to reap the malevolent rewards their music hands down.

Self Titled was also self-released but it is unfathomable to think this band won’t be fought over by the Relapses or Southern Lords of this world (if they even want or choose to go that route). But the thought of getting this monstrosity, this vessel of tormented resonance, into the hands of the masses is too mischievously delicious. It’s a riotous affair that could help to actually cause riots one day.

-Chip McCabe- Metal Insider


released February 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Secret Cutter Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Secret Cutter is a 3 piece (guitar, drums., vocals) Sludge/Grind Band from Bethlehem, Pa. We play Heavy Music.


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Track Name: Mirror Mirror
Dictating once again, it never seems to amaze.
The same path once again, like a pig locked in a cage.
The time ticks, yet stuck at six.
The sun light, yet always darkness.
The constant stench, yet sweet aroma.
Undivided routine.
Deny clipping of wings, your free to go where ever you wish.
It is evident the scheme of life can change.
Seems like you're the pig, and choose to do the same.
In the cage, unlock it, pig.
Deny clipping of wings, your free to go where ever you wish.
It is evident the scheme of life can change.
Seems like i'm the pig, and choose to do the same.
Track Name: Deformed Eye
The eyes are bleeding, you wonder why.
Help rip the lens, make you blind.
Who saw this coming?
All fucking numb.
Your insecurities, my god.
Rust....Rust ring.
There's a burn in the back of your thoughts.
Deformed eye, your cry......Cry.
Ball of stress, your dying slowly.
Constant tremors can not be stopped.
Too far gone, too far gone....Gone.
Track Name: 17.5 Dead Air
Dead air, dead air, dead air.
This life falling, trees slowly decay.
Breathe in the wicked, lungs fail.
Collapse, birds flock, black sun.
Like mouth with no tongue.
Broadcast with no sound.
Fighting for fresh air that's not there.
Dead air, dead air, dead air.
Mind's in gear, body is in neutral.
Deprived of the oxygen.
Track Name: Craving the Silence
Like the end of days, with no one around.
Though this is not the case.
This is not the case.
For your mind is an over populated place.
Cluster fuck, mass of voices, shut them up.
Cast them away, free your mind, craving of the silence.
This is not the case, cast them away.
Like a winter's night, snow covered white and lifeless.
Keep your mind at bay, not attracting all those wolves.
Lock yourself away, you will stay afloat for now.
This is a new day, only for you to fuck up.
Track Name: Shake the Malevolent
Which path to the wise?
You shall choose it's your life, you shall lose.
Full of rage, you have it in your heart, and in your mind.
Your soul can release it, but fucking blind.
You want it, then take it, controlling the way.
A bomb attached inside, detonate at anytime.
I know this hole is deep, i own a shovel.
But you will soon climb out, conquered again.
You want it, then take it, controlling the way.
A bomb attached inside, defuse it at anytime.
Shaking out the Malevolent.
Track Name: End of Sylvan
Hide tide is closing in, sea of humans.
Each grain of sand tears through your skin.
The current fierce.
The taste of the dry salt on your bloody lips.
Burning of the dry eyes, temptation unappealing.
So why jump into the mouth of filthy fangs?
Undertow pulls you down, you can't stop it, your gonna drown.
So why jump into the mouth of filthy fangs?
Finally you see this is what you're not.
Too little too late, you're kidnapped.
Finally you see this is what you're not.
Too little too late, kid-napped.
High tide is closing in, dark sea of humans.
Track Name: Driftwood
Drift off into space, the sound of nails rubbing the wood.
The sound of nails, rubbing the wood.
This is far too routine, everyday like the constant rain.
Falling, fading, your drowning now.
You are way too far gone.
These edges are dulling, the walls are closing, color is fading.
Black is the new way, favorite.
Until lighting the match, burn it down.
Repeat the destruction! Burn, burn.
The walls are falling in, not to fear.
The light had entered in, the colors so clear!
The walls are falling in, not to fear.
The light had entered in, the colors so clear!
For now (8x).
Now (8).